The Essay

It is the key to success on the AP Exam. It can also become your worst nightmare – forcing you to battle writer’s block, wrist pain, and race against time to spew BS onto a sheet of paper all in pen. Fortunately, that’s where I come in.

AP: Answer the Prompt

The Art of Beautiful Sentences

The Basics

Creating Your 2D Thesis

It’s Never, Never, NEVER “Too Much”

Poetry – Devices, Types, and Strategies

The Other Literary Devices

Symbolism, Symbolism, SYMBOLISM!!

Your Very Own Personal Synonym Tab

Summer reading, while annoying and generally the bane of all students-enjoying-their-well-deserved-vacation’s existence, is still important. Not because the book will change your life, but because the first couple weeks of school (not counting the arbitrary getting-to-know-you first day) center around it. Make sure you know what your summer reading is, read it, and remember enough of it to get by.