A Quick Look at the AP Exam

Your teacher will mention the AP Exam many, many times. Hopefully, the mention will lead into an explanation of the test. If not, or if you just want to refresh your memory, here’s a quick summary of what that all-important exam will entail:


Multiple Choice: 60 minutes

Essays: 120 minutes in which to write all 3 – the proctor will announce when it is suggested to move on, but the only requirement is that all 3 be completed by the end


Multiple Choice: 55 questions on 4-5 passages (focus: analyzing text, identifying literary devices)

Essays: Prose Essay – given passage in the exam

              Poetry Essay – given poem in the exam

              Open-Ended Essay – given prompt, answer using novel/play read in class


Multiple Choice: Scored based on number of questions answered correctly, so ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS

Essays: Scored on a scale of 0-9, which you will become very familiar with over the course of the class. If not, a teacher-produced example rubric can be found here. For an actual AP Exam rubric, see the prompt (page 4) and the rubric.

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Summer reading, while annoying and generally the bane of all students-enjoying-their-well-deserved-vacation’s existence, is still important. Not because the book will change your life, but because the first couple weeks of school (not counting the arbitrary getting-to-know-you first day) center around it. Make sure you know what your summer reading is, read it, and remember enough of it to get by.